B is for... "Buenos días"

September 12, 2016


This week we are continuing to practice our basic conversation skills as we learn about the letter "B."  We are learning to pronounce the letter "B" (bay), and we are learning about Bolívia and Simón Bolívar.  We are continuing to practice the most basic, but by far the most important important, elements of Spanish conversation this week.  We are learning to answer questions like "¿Cómo estás?" (How are you?) and "¿Qué tal?" (a less formal version of How are you?)  We are practicing with each other and all of the puppets in the Spanish classroom.  We now can have longer conversations that include saying, "Hi, Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, How are you?  What's your name?  Nice to meet you, Good-bye."  Older students are also learning to sustain a conversation by adding the question, "¿Y tú?" (And you?)  Try asking your students these questions at home and see what they tell you.  Also be sure to ask about Bolívia and Simón Bolívar.  What is unusual about the capital of Bolívia?  Which countries did Simón Bolívar liberate?


This week, we are learning about politeness.  It is very important to understand another person's cultural norms so that we can talk to them and not offend them.  We are learning to have polite conversations and we are learning to ask for clarification in a polite way.  Ask your students to talk to you about what they have learned this week!  Older students are coming home with a long list of vocabulary this week.  These are words that we will constantly be practicing throughout the year, but be sure to encourage your students to practice at home, too.  They can talk to plants, pets, stuffed animals, themselves in the mirror- anyone!  Just keep practicing!


Coming up next week... C for "Colores" (colors).


Lesson plans for this week:

PreK/ K (click here)

1st/ 2nd grade (click here)

3rd-5th grade (click here)


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