I is for... "Hay...(Classroom Objects)

November 28, 2016

OK... We are really cheating this week!  This week we are learning about the letter "I" (which is pronounced "ee," but we are learning about the word "Hay" (pronounced "eye").  "Hay" means "There is or there are" and we are using it to talk about classroom objects. We are learning the words for everything around the classroom.  These are words that the students have heard often since the beginning of the year, but now we are officially adding these words to our vocabulary.  The older students are also learning about indefinite and definite articles ("a" or "the").  We are learning that everything has gender in Spanish and we'll play a game of 4 Corners to help us learn about articles.  The younger students will be playing a game of "Qué es?" by trying to guess what classroom objects I have hidden in my bag.  We are also learning about Iguazú Falls and Enrique and Julio Iglesias.  We will be reviewing numbers as we use them to tell time.  We will be using clocks in the classroom to practice telling the time.  Also ask about Iguazú Falls and Enrique and Julio Igleisas.  What language is "Iguazú" and what does it mean?  What do Enrique and his dad Julio do and where are they from?


On the website, students can watch the letter "I" video and play the "Utiles Escolares" game.  The older students have some worksheets to complete that will help them review numbers, colors, and classroom objects.  It is important that we keep "recycling" the concepts that they have already learned so that the students don't forget all the vocabulary they have already mastered.


Coming up next week... J is for "Jugar" (to play- sports).


Lesson plans for this week:

PreK/ K (click here)

1st/ 2nd grade (click here)

3rd-5th grade (click here)


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