K is for... "Casa"

January 9, 2017



You guessed it- we are cheating a little again this week!  This week we are learning about the letter "K" and we're learning about "La Casa" (The house).  The letter "K" does not actually exist in the Spanish language and is only used in the spelling of foreign words (like my last name, for example!)  The letter "C" or the letters "QU" are used to make the hard "K" sound.  Since there are so many good topics that begin with the letter "C" to talk about, we have saved "La Casa" for "K" week!  The pronunciation of the letter "K" in Spanish is "Ka" with a hard "k" sound.  We are also learning about two famous Hispanics: Frida Kahlo and Kiko Calero.  It has been a while since we have talked about our alphabet vocabulary, so we are taking the opportunity to practice numbers, colors, prepositions, and family members as we talk about rooms of the house and family members.  We can now form sentences such as "Mi padre está en la sala al lado del sofá roja enfrente de las tres sillas amarillas."  (My father is in the living room next to the red sofa and in front of the three yellow chairs.")  It's pretty cool to see how all their previously learned knowledge is starting to come together now.  Ask your students to describe the rooms in your house.  Also ask about Frida Kahlo and Kiko Calero.  Where are they from?  What are they famous for?


On the website, students can watch the letter "K" video and play the "Casa" game.  It would also be great to go back and review the numbers, family members, colors, prepositions, and classroom objects.


Coming up next week... L for "lugares" (places).


Lesson plans for this week:

PreK/ K (click here)

1st/ 2nd grade (click here)

3rd-5th grade (click here)

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