Ñ is for... "Ñandutí"

February 27, 2017


This week's letter is an unusual one, so it calls for a bit of an unusual week.  The letter "Ñ" is pronounced "En-yay."  There are no words in Spanish that begin with "Ñ", but there are plenty of words that have an "ñ" in the middle of them.  I used to live in Paraguay, so this week we will spend some extra time talking about Paraguay and the culture of this little South American country.  Paraguay is a fully bi-lingual country.  The two languages spoken by everyone are Spanish and Guaraní.  The reason that the tribal language of Guaraní is still spoken in Paraguay is because back when the Spanish conquistadores were taking over South America, they never claimed Paraguay because it was an undesirable location (it is land-locked and mostly desert/ swamp land).  The Guaraní language is very unusual and difficult to pronounce, but it uses a lot of the "Ñ" sound.  The word "Ñandutí" means "spider web" in Guaraní and refers to a very beautiful and delcate lace made in Paraguay.  We will be trying our hands at weaving our versions of this lace.  We will also be learning about tereré- a special type of cold tea that Paraguayans drink all the time.  It is made from "yerba mate" leaves- a super healthy natural herb.  The leaves are placed directly into a cup (usually made from a cow's horn) and you drink the tea through a special metal straw that has a strainer on one end to keep the tea leaves (mostly!) out of your mouth.  The unusual part of this tea is that it is always shared communally- one cup, one straw.  No one thinks twice about sharing a cup or a straw.  Drinking this tea together is a national symbol and an activity that forges close friendships.


This is also an exciting week because our SPANISH FAIR is this week!  The classes have each been preparing cultural items from all of the Spanish speaking countries that they are thrilled to present at our fair.  I hope you are able to attend to try some of their food, see their displays, and learn all about the Spanish speaking world!  I am so proud of all the work the students have put into their preparations for this event!


This week, students can listen to the "Ñ" Power Point and play their favorite games on the website.


Coming up next week... O is for "Opuestos" (opposites- learning to give commands in Spanish)


Lesson plans for this week:

PreK/ K (click here)

1st-2nd grade (click here)

3rd- 5th grade (click here)



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