O is for... "Opuestos"

March 6, 2017

This week we are learning about the letter "O" and we're learning about "Opuestos" (Opposites- giving commands).  The letter "O" is pronounced as "Oh."  This week we are learning how to give commands in Spanish.  Many of the commands we are learning are commands that we hear in class all the time- "Levántense, peguen, corten, hablen..." (Stand up, paste, cut, speak...)  Now we are starting to take a peek at grammar and see how that works in Spanish.  This is an introduction to verbs in Spanish.  Later on, we will be looking more in-depth at verb conjugations.  For now, we are learning that there are 3 kinds of verbs in Spanish (-ar, -er, and -ir verbs) and we're learning what to do to make those verbs into commands.  We are playing games like "Simón dice..." (Simon says...) to practice those command forms.  We can combine commands with previously learned vocabulary to say things like, "Abran suslibros" (Open your books).  We are also learning about Oaxaca and Edward James Olmos.  Also ask about Oaxaca and Edward James Olmos.  How many states are in México?  What movies has Edward James Olmos been in?


On the website, students can watch the letter "O" video and play the "Opuestos" game.  It would also be great to go back and review classroom vocabulary, clothing, body parts, and prepositions.  When you are in stores, see if your students can spot any commands being used in Spanish (Pull/ push on a door, open/ close, etc.)


Coming up next week... P for "Profesiones" (Professions).


Lesson plans for this week:

PreK/ K (click here)

1st/ 2nd grade (click here)

3rd-5th grade (click here)


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