Some Verb Practice

September 18, 2017

We have been learning lots of vocabulary that has to do with school: classroom objects and different school subjects.  Now it is time to start learning some verbs so we can make complete sentences.  There are certain verbs in Spanish that we already know.  Remember when we asked the question, "¿De dónde eres?" and we answered it by saying "Soy de..."?  That's the verb "ser" (to be).  "Soy" means "I am" and "eres" means "you are."  We also use the verb "es" (is) all the time in different questions such as "¿Qué día es?"; "¿Qué mes es?"; "¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono?", etc.  Two others to know are: "somos" (we are) and "son" (they are/ you (pl) are).


We are also learning the verb "tener" (to have).  We have seen this one before, too!  Remember "¿Cuántos años tienes?" and "Tengo... años."?  In Spanish, we say "I have..." much more often than we say, "I am..."  Some other expressions we are learning are: "Tengo hambre (I'm hungry), tengo sed (I'm thirsty), tengo miedo (I'm scared), tengo calor (I'm hot), tengo frío (I'm cold), tengo prisa (I'm in a hurry), tengo razón (I'm right), tengo vergüenza (I'm embarrassed)."  This is an important verb in Spanish!  We can also use this verb with our classroom objects and class subjects: "Tengo tres libros rojos" or "Tengo la clase de arte a las ocho."


Finally, we are learning about regular verbs that end with the letters "-ar."  Some of these verbs are cognates like "necesitar", "usar", and "preparar."  Some are verbs that we have seen in songs like "hablar" and "cantar."  Some are verbs that are related to school like "enseñar", "escuchar", "estudiar", and "contestar."  We will learn to conjugate these verbs and use them in sentences.  We can also put these verbs with the phrase "Tengo que..." to mean "I have to..."


Whew!  Things are getting more and more challenging in Spanish class, but we'll play plenty of games, sing lots of songs, and practice as much as we can until we get it!


Next week we will begin "La Mesa Española" which will give us an additional practice time during lunch.




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