More Verb Practice!

September 25, 2017

Last week, we began learning the verb "ser" (to be).  Some of the older students made a "Ser"f-board to help us remember how to conjugate it.  We also sang a song to help get the conjugations in our head.  Conjugating isn't easy, but we learned that you simply can't go around saying, "I be, you be, he/ she be, we be, they be!"  Conjugating is important so that our verbs can match our subjects.  We are continuing to practice our conversation skills so that we can hear these verbs being used in context.  Flipgrid is super popular for practicing!  So far on those videos, we have been practicing the verbs "ser" and "tener" (to have).


This week we will add the verbs "ir" (to go) and "estar" (also to be).  They are very similar to each other, so once we learn one, the other will follow rather easily.  We will also learn to conjugate any regular verb that ends in -ar.  These are the most common type of verbs in Spanish.  We will practice with verbs like "cantar" (to sing), "estudiar" (to study), and "necesitar" (to need).  As usual, we have plenty of songs to sing to help us remember these ideas.  It's always a good idea for the students to go back and watch these songs so that these conjugations will get stuck in their heads.


This is our last week for talking about schools and Mexico.  We will try to watch a cultural video this week about Mexico.  It has been difficult to hear the news of so much devastation from the earthquakes and hurricanes to so many different places in the Spanish speaking world.


This week, we begin with La Mesa Española!  This will be a very fun, low pressure, chance for students to practice all of these conversational skills that we have been working on in class.  La Mesa Española will happen during lunch on Wednesday for grades PreK-1, during lunch on Thursday for grades 2-3, and during lunch on Friday for grades 3-5.  Please encourage your students to participate!



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